• Carnival 2013

    Totalparty presents all costumes and accessories
    necessary for you to have a crazy carnival fun dates.
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  • Varied Jokes

    Water jokes, varied Jokes with springs and triggers.
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  • Costumes and accessories

    Costumes, masks, wigs and accessories for costumes.
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  • Stag Nights, Hen Nights,
    and Erotic items

    Erotic items for Stag and hen night parties.
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  • Halloween and Carnival

    Halloween, Carnival and masquerade parties.
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  • Decorations and garlands

    Material to decorate parties with a personal touch.
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  • Special agencies

    Essential and specialized projects for events and advertising agencies.
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Totalparty- More than 50 years manufacturing and distributing party items, jokes and carnival costumes.

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